PI-HMS - a Hospital Management Software

Software for Clinics, Diagnostic Labs & Hospitals


Designed & developed to fulfill the complete software needs of a Clinic, Diagnostic Lab, or a Hospital. PI-HMS can be configured to all the different kinds of medical service establishments. Modern Software Technologies are used to develop cost-effective software. Along with On-Premises Deployment, Public or Private Cloud Deployment is available

Patient Centric

The software has been built grounds-up in a modular way to help the customer choose only relevant modules.

Modular and Role-Based

PI-HMS is a Modular software & Role Based Software, feature & functionalities will work based on the User Role

Latest Technology

Built using modern technologies to provide rich features at a pocket-friendly price.

Just Bill - Complete E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Portal for Customers and Back Office Portal for Business Owners


From boosting global revenue to making the industry futuristic, E-commerce has become a transformative force in fashion retail. Get deeper insights into how online shopping is reshaping the way brands operate and engage with customers.

E-commerce is a competitive market, which is why our E-commerce website design and development services provide a solid foundation for success, including the following – custom E-commerce web design, custom E-commerce development solutions, responsive design, secure (HTTPS) website, E-commerce & more.

We’ll build you a website that turns visitors into paying customers.

  • Custom designed & developed E-commerce websites
  • Industry-leading load speeds
  • Powerful E-commerce & marketing capabilities
  • Custom E-commerce functionality to streamline your business
  • ERP for business operations

Just Bill E-commerce ERP is software that can combine the facets and processes of a business into one integrated system. With the implementation of ERP software, your E-commerce website is more manageable and easily organized with a streamlined order process.

Back end systems are corporate systems that are used to run a company such as systems to manage orders, inventory and supply processing. This system collects input from users or other systems for processing.

When you integrate E-commerce sales channels with your ERP system, it enables you to function even more competently as a business. The key types of data, such as shipping/tracking, order, customer, item, and inventory are all linked to your independent systems.

Do you want to gain a winning advantage for your business with an E-commerce store that delivers top-notch shopping experiences? Build one that excels in look and feel and gets you high conversions.

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